A letter from our Community Advisory Committee

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D. Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH) 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland 20892 Dear Dr. Collins, We are a Community Advisory Committee established with the support of the NIH to advise the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center consortium. We are housed at the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS at Columbia University. OurContinue reading “A letter from our Community Advisory Committee”

CfS for ME/CFS Drs. Komaroff and Bateman participate in MEAction Presser

On March 25, #MEAction hosted a telepresser featuring a panel of experts uniquely positioned to speak to how long COVID is being informed by the research on myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Long haulers are overwhelmingly reporting symptoms that resemble ME/CFS at six months, and researchers are expecting the number of people withContinue reading “CfS for ME/CFS Drs. Komaroff and Bateman participate in MEAction Presser”

Bridging the Gap: Outreach and Engagement with the ME/CFS Community

We are excited to announce the launch of the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center’s outreach and engagement initiative led by the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS at Columbia University. The cornerstone of this effort is the establishment of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to partner with the NIH Clinical Research Centers (CRCs) at Columbia University, CornellContinue reading “Bridging the Gap: Outreach and Engagement with the ME/CFS Community”

#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin: Autoantibodies

Transcript: The question of auto antibodies is an interesting one. I can’t really give you a definitive answer. At this point we’ve created a chip that represents all the proteins in the human body. We will be using this chip in the next year to look for evidence of antibodies directed against each of theseContinue reading “#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin: Autoantibodies”

#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin

From the Community: “If I remember right, Lipkin said that sequencing has not shown any pathogens. Does he still believe there is a pathogen to be found?” Transcription: The fact that we have not found pathogens in most of the patients we’ve studied with ME/CFS doesn’t mean that pathogens aren’t implicated. Furthermore we have foundContinue reading “#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin”

Will There Be a Post-COVID-19 Form of ME/CFS?

By Dr. Anthony Komaroff Will some people who get COVID-19 subsequently develop ME/CFS? After all, many people with ME/CFS say that their illness began with some kind of infection: “a virus,” “a flu,” “a bad cold.” When it started, their illness didn’t feel that different from similar illnesses in the past, so no tests wereContinue reading “Will There Be a Post-COVID-19 Form of ME/CFS?”

A microbe hunter turns to ME/CFS: Ian Lipkin presents at the CDC

The following is a transcript of Dr. Lipkin’s talk at the CDC in September. You can watch the full lecture here: Transcript 21:19 This is actually how I got into this field, I was invited by Brian Mahy, who many of you will remember, and Jim Dobbins who some of you may remember, because ofContinue reading “A microbe hunter turns to ME/CFS: Ian Lipkin presents at the CDC”

ME/CFS Advocacy Call Highlights

The following is a summary of the trans-NIH ME/CFS working group call from March 17, 2020. For a transcript of the call please visit the NIH webpage here. Beginning the call, Joe Breen, PhD highlighted various updates from our Collaborating Research Centers (CRC) at JAX labs, Cornell University, and our data managing site, RTI. AlsoContinue reading “ME/CFS Advocacy Call Highlights”