#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin

From the Community: “If I remember right, Lipkin said that sequencing has not shown any pathogens. Does he still believe there is a pathogen to be found?” Transcription: The fact that we have not found pathogens in most of the patients we’ve studied with ME/CFS doesn’t mean that pathogens aren’t implicated. Furthermore we have foundContinue reading “#AskOurResearchers with Dr. Lipkin”

Will There Be a Post-COVID-19 Form of ME/CFS?

By Dr. Anthony Komaroff Will some people who get COVID-19 subsequently develop ME/CFS? After all, many people with ME/CFS say that their illness began with some kind of infection: “a virus,” “a flu,” “a bad cold.” When it started, their illness didn’t feel that different from similar illnesses in the past, so no tests wereContinue reading “Will There Be a Post-COVID-19 Form of ME/CFS?”

A microbe hunter turns to ME/CFS: Ian Lipkin presents at the CDC

The following is a transcript of Dr. Lipkin’s talk at the CDC in September. You can watch the full lecture here: Transcript 21:19 This is actually how I got into this field, I was invited by Brian Mahy, who many of you will remember, and Jim Dobbins who some of you may remember, because ofContinue reading “A microbe hunter turns to ME/CFS: Ian Lipkin presents at the CDC”