You asked, we answered!

In December 2019, we asked our audience to send us questions they would want a ME/CFS expert to answer. Here are some of the questions we received from the community:

  • Can you give us any hints as to any findings you have at the moment that you are personally excited about?
  • As work progresses will you be expanding by seeking new researchers in different fields to add to your Centers team?
  • Can you clarify for people whether you are definitely using your new technology called the VirCapSeq-Vert testing in a cohort of study?
  • Will there be the possibility of any new papers being published within a year for now and can you give us any information on which studies?
  • Has your research led you to hypothesize whether auto antibodies are playing a role in ME?
  • Can Dr. Lipkin explain the relapsing/remitting nature of M.E? I was bedbound between 1994 and 1996 and then slow recovery to nearly normal until this year when I had a major relapse that has left me housebound.

To see our previous segments, navigate to the #AskOurResearchers section on our YouTube page to view them continuously.

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